Monday, April 06, 2009

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Friday, April 03, 2009

Gold Country

Never underestimate the value of a used bookstore near the library. Our local Half Price Books has been the motherlode for paperback prospectors on the Jails Staff. 

The great thing about this source is the minds behind the boxes. Store staff is well-trained to spot books of value or interest for the store. After many years of ringing up our purchases, the staff has developed expertise about our collection and is able to select appropriate donations. 

Worth their Weight in....

Such expeditions are worthwhile, as you see from the pictures above. The boxes filled our van to capacity. We now have a rich vein to mine when the gold disappears from shelves inside "The Fort." (These days, our paperback supply is more stable than gold in the U.S. Treasury.)

Storage Area

Our shelf space is limited so we need outside storage. (Let's call this "offshore" area, Dubai, though we're not raking in untaxed billions by keeping our books outdoors!) Paperbacks get damaged if they bake too long under a hot California sun.

Jails Only

Of course, a little sign is required to distinguish our storage area from the general donation area. Ten-ton deposits of musty "Condensed Books" or slick computer manuals don't match our "user needs."